Problems do not resolve themselves. With financial matters at hand and when governing authorities are unrelenting, VS Group thrives at pursuing solutions. With VS Group, your problems are our challenges to discover creative and feasible solutions.

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Whether you want to flip homes or remodel the interior, VS Group can provide you with a complete service. Designs, Plans,  Pricing and Permits (if required) from governing authorities. We also have the support of qualified crews and craftsmen to do the work. From stock items to custom woodwork. We prefer residential work to be new or for the residence be unoccupied.

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Effective Solutions to meet your Budget & Expectations


Residential & Commercial


VS Group can help you plan a building development and also assist with the regulatory process. A development of designed grouping of both varied and compatible land uses, such as housing, commercial centers, and office warehouse, all within one contained development or subdivision.

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Future Work

More to come...